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11 Inside Sales Tips to Increase Sales Productivity

The term “Inside Sales” is an acronym for any sales that are handled remotely. Lately, inside sales have become a dominant sales model for professionals in the B2B, SaaS, and other B2C markets.

No matter the size of the company, whether into product or services, an inside sales team is the first point of contact to work with prospects. They find out the prospect’s needs and requirements and provide solutions accordingly. Being highly skilled and knowledgeable, they can conduct demos, line up the first level meetings, and ensure a robust sales funnel.

Inside Sales Model

The Inside Sales model is cost-effective, helps increase sales leads, and enables better collaboration. Most of the customers don’t even prefer a face-to-face meeting. In fact, according to Discoverorg. 78% of decision-makers have accepted an invitation because it came from a random email or cold call. 

Inside Sales Tools

An inside sales rep’s basic job function is to make calls, dial-in numbers, send cold emails, and introduce the prospect to the brand stakeholders. Many inside sales accelerations tools make the work easier and ensure more conversations. To drive better results, companies should invest in tools that will help inside sales professionals dial-in more numbers, speak to more prospects, and give a sophisticated approach to sales conversion.  

While some months are easy going & unbeatable, some months need constant endeavor on the inside sales reps to remain focused, attentive & aggressive to increase productivity, improve business, and achieve sales targets.

Here are a few tips to improve inside sales productivity.

1. Do Due Diligence

You need the right leads to grow your business. The only way to get quality leads is by prospecting. You should adequately research a company before calling.

11 Inside Sales Tips to Increase Sales Productivity
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Skim through the company website, annual reports, profit & loss statement, and LinkedIn page to collate all the relevant information to make the first call. Identify the decision-makers, and make a habit of reaching the right party contacts within the organization.

Save the data in an excel sheet or any CRM tool for future reference. Decide on the target audience to increase lead velocity. Plan and execute. Without planning, you’ll lose out on the right leads for your sales team.

2. Find the Right Party Contact (RPC)

A right party contact is different for different companies according to the size and revenue. It can be a VP or a Director for large companies, while it can be a senior manager or manager for small and mid-sized companies.

11 Inside Sales Tips to Increase Sales Productivity
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You should know to differentiate between the decision-maker and the influencer. A common mistake by inside sales reps is to qualify contacts without due diligence. If the decision-maker is the CFO/VP/Director of a company, then approach them promptly or through an intermediary.

Reaching the right party contact in the initial attempts reduces sales efforts & open doors for instant closures.  

3. Quality prospects 

If you’re spending a lot of time qualifying null leads, they will never become your customers in your business strategy. It’s important to define what qualifies a lead – from both marketing and sales point of view.

11 Inside Sales Tips to Increase Sales Productivity
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You should know – “whom you should be talking to get a new customer.” The best way to get top-funnel leads is by nurturing or filtering leads who don’t match your requirements.

Collect information through a website form, do behavioral analysis, and enable data enrichment, to get all the information you need to qualify leads.

4. Make effective calls

Inside sales reps take calls seriously. Treat any discovery calls or cold calls like you are talking to customers face-to-face. Stay focused and remain calm.

Leave all administrative tasks, and put your phone on DND. Don’t zone out thinking about your colleagues’ promotion or lunchtime. Turn your call into a conversation.

Make full use of the discovery call. Ask and probe customers about their requirements. Push prospects to make a buying decision or move them to the next stage of sales funnel.

5. Best Time To Make A Call

The best time to call a prospect is during early hours before the prospect has made their to-do lists for the day. If you’ve reached the office, don’t waste time doing trivial stuff.

It kills productive time, energy & effort. Ensure you read your emails, prepare yourself for focused calls, make a schedule, and see how your day is set up for productivity.

If you’ve got the prospect direct contact number, get hold of them during lunchtime, or are winding up work.

6. Fresh Calls vs. Follow Up Calls

A follow up is of the utmost importance to stay on top of your customer’s mind and show how much you value them. While reaching out to fresh prospects will help build sales funnel and make follow-up calls, it will increase loyalty.

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Your prospects will know you, your organization, and remember the purpose of calling. To stay organized, create a list of companies where you need to make introductory calls/fresh calls and make all the first calls together.

Repeat the activity for companies where follow-up is important. It ensures your work is consistent and systematic, and you’ll not miss out on any prospects.

7. Send precise emails

Are you writing emails that are precise and prospect friendly? We all prefer emails that are precise to the point, rather than shorter ones. Like you, many are trying to get the same prospect’s attention.

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Focus more on crisp emails that will improve your sales productivity. Create email templates that will turn prospects into customers and also improves inside sales productivity.

If you’re repeatedly pushing prospects for a sales demo in all your emails, it will eventually disengage the prospects resulting in a “DND” or “unsubscribe”/

8. Know your ideal customer profile

Who are your ideal customers? From all the information you gathered, make a persona of your ideal customers. You need to know the main driver of your business revenue.

Identify the top paying customers, and replicate a similar persona in your findings and prospecting.

Learn more about your paying customers, and dig deeper to know where you should be spending your sales efforts.

9. Clean-up your existing database

An incorrect or obsolete database is unnecessary work every time. Every month people change jobs, hence as an inside sales rep, you’ve to make sure your database is updated with the most recent contacts.

You can either buy a subscription from database companies like Uplead, or, get fresh new contacts, or purchase different database lists from genuine database providers.

Keeping your database updated helps you with the right contact for any of your sales & marketing initiatives. It also ensures that your email goes through successfully and doesn’t have too many hard bounces.

10. Automate your CRM

A messy CRM is an additional work. A CRM tool makes your work easier and streamlines every aspect of data gathering. But if you’ve to add information manually, then you are not utilizing it correctly.

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Encourage your inside sales, as well as sales reps, to diligently update CRM regularly. Ask or appoint someone in your team to audit CRM every month to keep it squeaky clean.

It will save your time, energy, and effort in the long run. Moreover, clean CRM shows the right picture of the sales performance to the management.

11. Work As A Team

The best companies have their sales and marketing team aligned together. Working together gives one another confidence and boosts their morale.

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As an inside sales rep, you should coordinate with the marketing team, or other stakeholders holder, to find out the status of your leads.

The best team members are willing to support one another and look for healthy competition—the better the team, the more success. (Read : Tips to improve work-from-home productivity)

What are some tips that helped your Inside Sales team grow and perform better? Do leave your comments below?

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