Things you should not post on social media
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13 Things You Should Never Post on Social Media

Social media is addictive. Agree?

It’s just not limited to Facebook anymore. Social media evolved with platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and many more, giving you various options to socialize. 

You can do a lot online – find friends, share posts, comment on groups, find jobs, or even end up interacting with strangers you never met. Most of us have too many “strangers” in our list than “real friends.” In seconds, all your friends can connect with you spontaneously. 

While it gives you so much power to express yourself, some people will abuse it. Most of it is harmless, but there are certain things that you should not post at all. Once something goes on social media post, there is little control because it becomes public and accessible to all. 

Here are a few things you should NEVER post on social media to save yourself from embarrassing situations.

1. Incorrect information about someone

Social media is a place to chill and meet new people. Don’t use it to take revenge. It’s pretty one-sided, and by doing so, you will hurt somebody’s feelings and sentiments.

Your false allegations or misleading information can make him/her depressed, commit suicide, or end-up taking their life. Your one mistake can cost the family lose their loved ones, 

When people come to know the truth, they will shame you on your face. It will not only be embarrassing but also leave a pang of guilt in your heart for life.

2. Topics on politics & religion

Social media is for good, but today the majority of us are worn out by political/religious posts. People who have biased political opinions have taken center stage, and it’s inevitable.

If you disagree with someone’s political view or have a different belief system, let it go or ignore it. Don’t post it online to provoke controversy. Remember, by posting hate posts; you’re battling with your companions, colleagues, classmate, or your loved ones whom you once used to be friends with.

If you feel someone else is doing it too much – unfollow or mute them. De-friend, block or unfriend them if they don’t share a close relationship with you.

3. Screenshots of personal chats

Personal chats are nothing but “private conversations” between you and that person. It’s supposed to remain inside your head or your phone. Why on earth would you like to post it on social media?

You make get likes, comments, and even some shares, but people will consider you childish and dishonest.

After this, no one will share anything personal with you, as they might fear that you might even leak their conversations.

4. Relationship issue / Quarrel with partner

If you had a fight or love quarrel with your partner, do not rant on social media. It’s personal; others don’t need to know. And they should not know. 

People can immediately judge you and your partner’s relationship since you broadcasted it.

Your story will change over time, and things will improve, but what you publicize must have reached many minds. You should sort-out stuff with your partner once before letting the world know.

5. Tag random people

Clicking photos and sharing on social media handle is an everyday norm. It’s beautiful to tag people you know – friends, family members, cousins, etc. but do not tag random people you don’t know. 

Repeatedly tagging people in your day-to-day post can turn into an annoying habit. Do not tag anyone in a group of 50. Tagging unknown people are considered spam and a classic move by spammers.

When you tag someone, you don’t know or keep annoying someone in your friend list by tagging them, it’s irritating. They will report it to Facebook or unfollow/unfriend you.

6. Send app requests or game requests

Social media has become an epicenter for game lovers. Popular and addictive Facebook games like Candy Crush, Dragon City, Farm Saga, Farmville, and Angry Birds require you to invite friends. 

It’s free advertising for the app, but you can end up losing your friends by continuously sending them game or app requests. 

Send game invites to people already playing the game or have subscribed to the app. Also, consider how people perceive you when you send app requests. They may think, “Oh, right, this person always wastes time online” or ‘has all the time in this world to do frivolous activities.”

7. Send new page invites

You started a new page. Bingo!

Next, you blasted everyone with the new page request. Got only 3 to 4-page likes? Now, what? 

Sending page requests to all from the list can be easy but intimidating to many. You may want to build your page first, post a few engaging content, and then endorse yourself. People who like your posts will follow your page too. Your page-follow request should not bother or hound anyone.

8. Post pictures of your exposed and semi-nude body

There is no need to display or expose your body online; show abs, chiseled body, or hardcore muscle. You may receive likes, but being an icon of desire and fantasy is not something you should be proud of. 

Kids, teenagers, senior citizens, etc. also use social media. An indecent or salacious image can give a wrong message to your followers. Moreover, if you’re a role model for them, it’s lousy grooming.

Before you rectify, your social media pictures could be used by many websites for illegal purposes. So avoid posting such content.

9. Post pictures of you drinking alcohol or taking drugs

You should not be proud of posting your wrong side on social media. Social media is open to all – individual, corporates, law firms, government agencies, etc.

Companies can track your profile to know about your habits even before they hire you. While the internet has come up to term with occasional drinkers, any kind of drug is a complete no.

Once you post such pictures online, it remains there. Even if you delete it, the web has a copy of it. Everyone can see it, including your boss, law enforcer, and your family, who will be embarrassed to see you doing this.

10. Financial Status

Social Media is at its peak because of newer technologies, and there are high-tech thieves, burglars, and robbers who are always on the look-out to pirate people/scam them. 

Unless your goal in life is to raise the chances of getting robbed, posting pictures of your money, credit card, or bank account just isn’t smart.

Robbers, thieves & burglars disguise themselves and are socially active. It makes their job easy to find prospects online. Hence, don’t boast about your wealth and treasures.

11. Embarrass your friends

When you’re with your friends, you make fun of each other, which is pretty obvious. All is fine when it’s in person, and they’ll not be annoyed by this. 

Posting the same on social media can embarrass your friend and let everyone know what’s going on. A picture speaks a thousand words, and people can start judging you.

Use social media to build connections and not to lose the existing ones.

12. Send friend requests to anyone and everyone

Social media is to connect with people online. Agreed!

Send friend requests to only those you know or have recently met, or have some kind of mutual connection. 

Sending a friend requests to random people can term you desperate to increase your friend list, and you can also be marked as spam.

13. Avoid anything that you may regret later

It’s good to be socially active, but posting where you’re dining, what you’re doing, details about your whereabouts, or any other personal things can let people track you or stalk you. 

Don’t post personal information like your phone number, credit card details, etc. It makes it way easy for people to gain access to you and even easier to steal your identity.

Don’t let your social media life ruin your personal life.


Communication on social media is not very different to communication in real life. You should post stuff people like to read, and that can give you more credibility as a person you are. People active on social should always remember that they are being watched all the time.

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook to connect with people and share good thoughts. So, let’s continue to keep it as a platform to remain connected with one another, share good ideas, and create a fun experience for all.

Can you imagine life without social media? What would you do? How would you connect?

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