17 Things To Do in 2021 To Make It Exciting
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17 Things To Do in 2021 To Make It Exciting

Let’s accept the truth that 2020 was not a great year. So whatever we do in 2021 will look amazing. Every year we make the same standard resolution. So as we step into 2021, let’s make resolutions that are worth living. Believe me. Good things will happen in 2021. Many of our plans got canceled in 2020, and 2021 is the year to fulfill all those.

As we start 2021 with hopes and best wishes, we also think about multiple things to accomplish. Whichever resolution you choose, it has to be realistic and challenging and not something difficult to achieve? Your resolutions should make you feel good, happy, and content.

Here is a list of 17 things to do in 2021 to make it an exciting year.

Be a foodie

Being a foodie is over and above, just clicking pictures. Being a foodie means loving the food, its taste, and appreciate the people behind those delicious meals. It can be your mom, chef, or even yourself. A foodie goes out of the comfort zone to capture food and its history. Enroll in a cooking class. From holding a knife to creating the most happening desserts, you will learn the elements of cooking. To be a foodie is simple. It’s all about understanding the food and the cultural aspect of it. 

17 Things To Do in 2021 To Make It Exciting
Be A Foodie

Become a reader

Books are human’s best friends. They give you multiple ideas and keep you engrossed and busy—also, Google for avid readers. If you haven’t explored reading in the past, then you must start with one book and eventually move to two and so on. You can read books of your choice that will motivate you, boost your morale, and help you progress in life. Besides books, you must also read the failure and success stories of people who rose to fame from the ashes. 

Reconnect with someone from the past

I understand it’s painful when people you know become people you knew. Some unfortunate incidents in the past had severed the connection between you and your loved ones. And now you are longing to reconnect. However, knowing your feeling and not doing anything about them can frustrate you and make you worried. Life is short and unpredictable. Let’s keep away hate and animosity and find ways to reconnect with your lost ones.

Exercise regularly

“Good health and Stay Fit” should be your goal in the new year, and for that, you need to exercise. Regular exercise must be a part of your everyday lifestyle, and you should commit to it to live longer. Routine practice can give you a natural high and offer multiple benefits – better sex life, overcome depression, boost confidence, make you feel energetic, relieve stress, and strengthen your muscles and bones. Exercise is just not going to the gym. Any bodily movement you do is an exercise, and it’s easier to do a brisk walk in the open than running on the treadmill. 

Meditate every day

Meditation prevents stress from getting into your system and simultaneously helps release already accumulated stress. Meditation not only cools your mind but also helps open your nerves to creativity and intelligence. It controls you better and also saves you from getting distracted. The best part is you can meditate without paying a single penny from your pocket. All you have to do is find a quiet place in your house, sit down, close your eyes, and relax. Make sure you meditate for at least fifteen minutes every day.

Start your own business / Startup.

If you’re fed up with the mundane office life or want to show the world about your capabilities, then invest your time and money in a new business. You can build your startup with your ideas, passion, and dedication. If a statement of becoming a millionaire inspires you, then make the foundation from now on. If you love baking a cake or venture into technology, then getting into an innovative bakery shop or a B2B technology domain would help you make a great future.

Make resolutions

Making resolutions are a perfect way to start your new year. Everyone makes a new year’s resolutions, but only a few are successful in achieving it. It would be best if you looked at those things that you need to change for good. Pick up something that you dislike about yourself and work towards improving it. Things like drinking less, helping others, quit smoking, make new friends, lose weight, find love, etc., are some of the standard resolutions that people make. Once you decide on your resolution, work towards achieving it. (Also Read : 20 Things To Do Once In A Life Time)

Clean your house

Many of us have had already cleaned the basement multiple times during the pandemic. It’s time to clean the whole house, including your furniture. Give away the old furniture to someone needy, repair those non-functional items, clean the wardrobe, fix the non-workings, or move the furniture around to create a new set-up. Clean the house upside down, invite your friends to the right looking house, and enjoy the time.

Tour to a new place

Due to the pandemic, if you could not visit a new destination in 2020 or your plan got canceled, you should surely do so in 2021. Whether you’re a homemaker mom or an employee, you should take frequent breaks in between or for around 10 to 15 days at a stretch and plan to visit a new holiday spot with your friends, family and free yourself from the mundane daily routine. It will bring a change in your life and fill you with freshness and positivity. 

17 Things To Do in 2021 To Make It Exciting
17 Things To Do in 2021 To Make It Exciting

Fun with family

Family comes first, and you work hard to give your family everything they want, but you miss spending time with them in the interim. It’s essential to spend quality time with your parents, wife, children, and anyone who needs you. Remember, you are fortunate to have a family, and everyone around you will always remember and cherish the good time spent with you. Give them happiness and be with them. Go out on a family picnic or a staycation and increase the chances of being together.

Learn new things

When you don’t learn, you become old. Learning is a continuous process and should be done at all ages. There is no age to learn, read, or write. Try to learn as many new things in 2021. You can either learn something related to your work or new hobbies that you are passionate about. E.g., Take an online certification course, learn swimming or learn a new language, etc. Learning new things helps you improve your skills and make you a pro. Your new skills can even land you your new job.

Start writing your life.

We all want to pen down our life history, good and bad memories, and exciting moments to share with the future generation. But due to our busy schedule, we are not able to do it. You can start writing in a diary or a notepad or even online in a word document but keep it away from others. Keep it secret and pen down every little nuance that made you happy, things that bothered you, and how you tackled it. You will end up creating a biography of your life that will be interesting and worth reading.

Add some spirituality to your life.

Spirituality connects you to God. Create a new tradition of saying your daily prayers, visit places of worship, and explore the spiritual side of life. Praying at home brings positive vibes. Keep items that will harmonize the surroundings and bring good luck. There are many blessing prayers, so feel free to research one that feels right to you and your family. Appreciate the beauty of prayers, and use it wherever applicable.

Spend time with your best friends

Not many have best friends. Many don’t even have friends. Best friends are companions for life. Spend time with them through lunch, movie, walk in the park, or do anything that brings you together. It will give you a sense of companionship and love and make you stress-free. If you don’t have anyone to socialize with, enroll in a hobby class, attend events, or join a friendship app that excites you and finds yourself a new friend.

17 Things To Do in 2021 To Make It Exciting
Best Friends

Volunteer for a cause

There is no happier moment than the joy of giving and helping others. If you haven’t volunteered for a cause anytime in the past, then 2021 is the right year for you. It’s time to commit to a cause and stick to it. Trust me, helping others to pet their animals or help a senior citizen will give you enormous satisfaction and blessings.

Save money, live better.

Save money, live better. Money is the necessity of life, and regularly putting some money away is the best way of saving up. It can also be the right way of making sure you save money to pay for immediate emergencies such as needing to replace an expensive household item. It’s a good idea to think about whether you’ll have enough to live on when you are older and no longer earning money. You may have to sacrifice a little to have your old days go well. 

Anything which you couldn’t do in 2020

You already know about things that you were unable to do in 2020 because of COVID-19, but that’s not the end. There is still a long way to achieve your dreams and live your life the way you want. You must try new things in 2021. Stay active and always look for opportunities. Don’t give up and believe in yourself. Explore yourself because there is no one better than you.

There can be multiple things to your new year resolution like getting married, buy a new house, pamper yourself with new experiences, candlelight dinner, etc. There is no end to it because you are the one to decide what you want in 2021 and where you want to see yourself. You can create a checklist and tick the ones as you go about finishing them.

What are the things that you want to accomplish in 2021? Do share your thoughts?

I wish you have a year even better than the best and put smiles on the faces of everyone you come across.

Have A Great Year 2021

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