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7 Ways To Deal With Colleagues Whom You Dislike

In this perfect world, you will get along with few and disapprove of many. Even if you understand people and respect them, few will take you for granted, and some may mentally pressurize you. Such characters can cause real pain to you, but if you keep a constructive approach, you can escape the situation without any damages.

While it’s easy to escape at the social level, it’s challenging at the corporate level. Fortunately, with the right attitude and ethos, you can have a productive working rapport with someone you can’t stand.

1. Control your reaction.

The first step is to maintain a calm reaction. If someone is annoying or caustic, don’t think how the person acts. Think about how you react. It’s more productive to focus on things that you can control like your behavior, psyche, aptitude, etc.. A positive mindset leads to a focused approach to handle people in the right way. Ignore the bads and continue with the good you see in others.

2. Explore your feelings.

Ask yourself why you don’t like that colleague. Is the person reminding you of someone from your past, or you’re afraid of the negative trait which might influence you? You may have a valid reason for not liking that person, and the decision is entirely yours. Both of you have some role to play and be honest about it. Also, it’s interesting to watch if the dislike is temperamental or due to incompetence.

3. Set Boundaries.

Don’t be afraid to draw the boundary and know how much you can take. It’s perfectly fine to admit things that make you unhappy or uncomfortable. Figuring out stuff before you lose your temper can help defuse a situation before it turns explosive. Make it clear of what is acceptable and when it’s too much. It’s never too late to be vocal about your discomfort. 

4. Keep your dislike to yourself.

Emotions are contagious. It can hamper everyone around. Don’t corner someone by the coffee machine and speak about your colleague’s behavior. We all look for supporters for our own opinion but avoid it. Besides, continually complaining about someone in the office can reflect individually on you. You might be garnered as unprofessional or the difficult one. If you want to vent your feelings, chose your support system wisely, mostly outside the office.

5. Spend more time.

Barriers break when people talk. The best way to like someone you don’t like is to work together and bridge the gap. When there is the coordination, you understand that person and even develop a sense of empathy. You may feel love and compassion instead of irritation. Go on a lunch break, speak on topics that involve both attention, and this will allow you to have positive experiences.

 6. Provide feedback.

Consider giving some feedback to your colleague. Something that is an obstacle for you may be professional for him/her. Focus on behavior that is easy to control and how it can impact both of your performances. Your feedback depends on how artful you’re as a person and how receptive your colleague is. If you feel you can have a civilized conversation, then go ahead. But if this person turns out to be vindictive, it will turn into a personal conflict. Be open to feedback from others and take every feedback positively.


7. Don’t care about attitude.

If none of the above works, then practice the art of not giving a shit. Ignorance is bliss. Ignore the disturbing behavior and neutralize yourself. Your colleague hurts you; you don’t feel the pain, so there is no problem. Ignoring that person will make him/her realize that they don’t have the edge over you, and they might start behaving normally.

What are the things you do to deal with colleagues whom you dislike? Do share your comments.

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