Tips for Effective Work From Home
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8 Tips for Effective Work From Home

Work from home, or working remotely is rewarding if done the right way. It improves productivity, maintains a healthy work-life balance, and foster business relationships.

Work from home culture existed even before the COVID-19 pandemic came into the picture. Employees were given the option to work remotely but only during emergencies or times of crisis. It was unstructured and optional. It’s only now that work from home is structured with more benefits for employees. 

Everyone who works from home has to maintain their personal and professional line separately. You should know how to work, where to work, and how much time to dedicate to each task. Also, you need to firmly take care of office equipment, personal training, and career development. Lack of seriousness might risk your job. As a dedicated employee in a specific role, you have to manage your internal self and get things moving.

Here are a few tips to consider that will help you increase work from home productivity

1. Create a daily routine

Decide on the things that you want to accomplish throughout the day. It can be making a cup of coffee, lunch, or complete the project, etc. It’s best to make a checklist or schedule your tasks before the day starts. It won’t let you miss out on any deadlines or delay work.

Effective Work From Home
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If you’re already using an online scheduling tool, well and great, otherwise, you can check Trello, that will help you manage your time, and help prioritize tasks better.

2. Take Breaks At Regular Intervals

Don’t go solo or isolate yourself from the world. Know your companies break policy and adhere to it. Sitting in your workspace throughout the day will make you look like a skeleton. Socialize with people around, have a cup of coffee or tea, take a walk on the floor but get away from the computer screen and the phone. Most of the companies follow a standard break time of 1-hour lunch break and two 15 minute breaks.

Effective Work From Home
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You can optimize your breaks with Break Time, a Google Chrome Extension, that only helps you schedule breaks and send you instant alerts.

3. Make a dedicated workspace. 

In an ideal world, an office space would consist of a desktop or a laptop, and other office-related stuff. Replicating the same kind of interiors at home wouldn’t be possible. Instead, dedicate a space only for work where you can fit all your peripherals and accessories. If you have a laptop and a computer, or two laptops, you can utilize one for your personal use.

Effective Work From Home
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Never use your work laptop for personal use. Take care of your office equipment, and keep it safe and secure. 

4. Socialize with team members

Remote working creates loneliness, isolation, and disconnects you from external sources. Humans, by nature, are social creatures. Whether you are an extrovert or introvert, it’s important to stay connected with your colleagues. Talk to your team members about the new movie, about the new hire in the office, plans for weekends, new recipes, etc.

You should know how much interaction is needed to make you feel comfortable and included. Sharing light moments with your colleagues helps better communication and collaboration. Try Slack, to connect with colleagues across geographies.

5. Attend meetings and be confident

The meetings that you once used to attend from the office has to be now attended from home. You’ll certainly show up for scheduled meetings or calls, but its great to attend occasional meetings. Attend the meeting and share ideas and thoughts. Be confident and make your presence felt.

Effective Work From Home
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You can create your meetings with Google Hangouts Meet – its free, fast, and secure. Saying ‘Hi” at the beginning of the call or “Thank you” is a good way to be a part of the call.

6. End your day happily

Just as you start your work with a schedule, you can end the day as it gets closer. It might be a project completion, an evening walk, or a swimming class. It is important to close when its time to do so. Working overtime, or working beyond the standard time constraints, might make you exhausted and sick.

Effective Work From Home
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You can use Zoho Cliq to remind yourself of simple routines such as turning off your laptop, watching Netflix, or listening to music. Do anything daily that reminds you to end your work.

7. Don’t put pressure on yourself.

The best of work from home employees are disciplined. They prioritize their work and complete the tasks before deadlines. After all, it takes immense effort to do the same office job in an unconventional space. It’s fine if your attention diverts to another dimension. It happens with everyone working remotely.

Keep a check on yourself. If you think you’re dilly-dallying too much, then pull yourself and get back to work.

8. Stay positive

Remote working can be stressful. You are living two lives, and to juggle between them takes courage. Even when things go beyond your limit, stay calm and positive. Being aggressive over petty issues will only aggravate your inner tension.

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Pacify yourself with motivational videos, listen to soft music, scroll through Instagram feeds, and give positive directions to your mind. Believe in yourself, and remember you are in your time zone.


It’s important to figure out what works best for you and what doesn’t. You may already know a few tricks and traits of working from home, but sometimes you might need inspiration from others. In work from home scenario, do your best, and never forget yourself.

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