The Slice Of Living is an online blog that covers topics on food, lifestyle, travel, employee experience, work-life balance, motivation, and many more…

The Slice Of Living is one corner of my interest. An unmerited gift.

What started as a content writing hobby transformed into an online blog about food which later multiplied into lifestyle blogging and thought to different genres like traveling, motivation, etc. A connoisseur of food and a lifestyle maven, I’m in the space of self-exploration.

Does competition matters to me? NAH! It’s all a self-developed interest that got me thinking about various possibilities. Whether a full-time job or sliding into your interest, it’s all a gimmick to convince yourself to get going.

I started publishing motivational blogs on LinkedIn and got more than expected responses. It was my first step to a healthy start. I continued writing and eventually added my taste for food into it. Became a food blogger, came up with an Instagram page, started writing for LBB, then Facebook, and many platforms to follow.

Just recently, I developed another interest in Fashion & Lifestyle and trust me. I am enjoying it. Though nervous in front of the camera, but with little practice, everything is a piece of cake.

So what do you get here? The Slice Of Living may sound a big name, but there is more than you can think. I may not stick to just one genre, but I promise you’ll not get bored here. This space is for you to share because I care. You can quickly grab information on what’s new in food, a new restaurant or a vintage cafe, a new menu, or simply a revamp. Simultaneously, learn what style is and why does it matter the most. Does lifestyle means you’ve to look good? Absolutely No! You have to be beautiful inside with a great sense of style, and there you are.Coming to an end, it was just a quick me.

I am very active on Instagram, and if you’d like to share some thoughts, let’s connect @thesliceofliving