Things you should not do after the lockdown
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9 Things You Should Not Do After Coronavirus Lockdown Ends

Days after lockdown started, citizens are vehemently waiting for the lockdown to end soon. From the quarantine clutches to the self-emancipation of citizens, the chronicle of coronavirus is an unforgettable chapter. Most of you must have secretly planned tons of things to execute after the lockdown – go for a vacation, party all night with friends, dinner with families, shop around, and host other activities. 

Well, before you go too far, it’s still unclear when the lockdown will end.

Life after lockdown will not be the same. There will be restrictions on your fun and entertainment and the way you socialize. You should follow the lockdown rules, stay quarantine, work from home, and stay safe.

Even if the lockdown opens, there is a clear warning. If infection surges again, lockdown will be more severe and grave.

Here are a few things that you can do to protect yourself from Covid-19/ Coronavirus

1. Wash your hands regularly. 

Wash your hands regularly
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It would be best if you continued to wash your hands regularly even after the lockdown opens. Washing hands at regular intervals is an excellent way to practice hand hygiene and prevent other germs from entering your body. It protects you from getting sick and reduces the chance of visiting the hospital for any life-threatening disease. 

Hopefully, the handwashing lessons you learned during coronavirus days will remain with you even when the pandemic slows down. Your safety is in your hands – so never skip this step.

2. Don’t take off your masks.

Do not remove your mask
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By now, you must have subsumed the art of wearing a mask in your day-to-day life. Even if the lockdown rules relax, you need to wear ready-made or homemade masks while going to any crowded place – market, mall, or shopping center. Always cover your face with a handkerchief if masks are difficult to arrange.

Maintain social distance with everyone. Do not touch, shake hands, or touch any surfaces until necessary. Securing yourself from any untoward incidents means looking out for places that take precautions seriously, where both customers and employees are wearing masks or have their face covered.

3. Don’t invite anyone for lunch or dinner.

Do not invite anyone for lunch or dinner
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The lockdown has undoubtedly created an environment of complete isolation. The last time you met your friends, colleagues, or your relatives would be months ago. Inviting them over to your house for lunch or dinner or a big party could be risky. Remember, one of the ways Covid-19 spreads is through extreme socializing. You wouldn’t want to invite trouble and put your loved ones at risk.

Moreover, one of the aspects of social distancing is to distance yourself from people within the house and just not outside. Avoid inviting anyone or refrain from going to other homes unless there is no other option.

4. Don’t go to restaurants, pubs or bars.

Don’t go to restaurants, pubs or bars.
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Naturally, the pandemic has bored you to death. You must be eagerly waiting to step out and take a tour of the city’s best restaurants, pub or a bar. Social distancing rules exist to shield you from the disease transmission from people who come in close contact with you. 

When you visit a restaurant, pub, or bar, it will be jam-packed or overflowing with people. It will allow the Covid-19 virus to infect different people and quickly multiply into many. In this case, it will be challenging to identify who is affected and who is not. Keep yourself and your family guarded by avoiding any social gatherings. 

5. Don’t plan any vacation.

Dont plan a vacation soon
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Remember, one of the ways coronavirus grew strong was the moving of people from one country to another. A virus that reached a pandemic level was only through person-to-person transmission like coughing and sneezing while traveling by flights. Even though the cost of the tickets becomes affordable, flying so soon will not be an enjoyable experience.

Just imagine, traveling in a place with your masks throughout with limited assistance like food & water, and the constant fear of getting infected. Even if you reach your destination safely, what if you get stuck in an unfamiliar country with no easy way to return. It’s advisable to stay at home with your family, and not to jeopardize your life.

6. Don’t immediately visit the sick.

Dont immediately visit the sick
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It’s a tremendous human gesture to visit and console a sick person. But it may not be the right choice for you at this time. An infected person is more prone to the deadly attack of the novel coronavirus. You never know if the person is slowing developing any symptoms of the virus. 

Until there is any vaccine to kill the virus, it’s unhealthy to contact anyone who shows even a small sign of being sick or ill. You can comfort the sick person on the phone, WhatsApp messages, or through any social media channels.

7. Continue to work from home.

Continue to work from home
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There is no way to crowd your office premises or spend time in the canteen or pantry chilling with colleagues. You come across multiple people while reaching to work, and there could be a possibility of you getting the virus from someone you passed by. It could end up spiking the virus in the office.

Work from home will stay even after the Covid-19 pandemic reduces. The management team and HR heads have taken a strong call in making employees work from home better and effectively. You should take advantage of this benefit and avoid going to the office.

8. Avoid public transport.

Avoid public transport
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Even if public transport starts with inevitable cutbacks, there is no guarantee of the citizens. The majority of public transport lacks basic amenities like hand-wash, sanitizer, gloves, etc. It would help if you considered other means of communication before considering any public transport.

To say the least, if you still have to travel by public transport, make sure you cover your face, go at an off-peak time, maintain distance from people and wash your hands before and after the journey. 

9. Maintain respiratory etiquette in public.

Maintain respiratory etiquette in public
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Coughing, sneezing, or cleaning of nose and mouth in public is bad manners. Like you, there will be many people present at the place. Covid-19 spreads through droplets emitted from coughing or sneezing. Any of your droplets could cause the beginning of another virus.

It will be wise if you always carry a tissue paper, a sanitizer, and a waste box. Still cover your face and nose while sneezing or coughing; dispose of the used tissue in the waste box and do not litter the place. 


It’s highly unlikely to say for how long the deadly coronavirus/Covid-19 will stay. It brought the economy in bad shape. Most of us are oblivious If there is any end to the lockdown, or it will have many extensions. But despite all the measures and remedies used by the government to keep you safe, it’s also binding on you to avoid anything after the lockdown that will land you and your family in trouble.

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