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You are in your time zone. Just Relax!

Are you in your time zone? Absolutely.

Time will come! Time will fly!

You will improve. You will rise-up. You will progress.

The time difference between France and New York is 6 hours, but it does not mean that either of the countries is slow or fast. Both the country runs at their own pace. Both work based on their own “Time Zone.”

Some of your friends may still be single. A few must-have got married recently, while a few ‘waited’ for ten years to find true love or settle down. 

Some couples never become parents. Some waited for five before having a child. Then there will be someone who delivers a baby within a year

Some graduate at the age of 24, yet waits a couple of years before finding a secure job. There will be another who graduated at 29 and got a successful job placement instantly.

Someone starts their own business at 26 and dies at 50, while another became a successful entrepreneur at 50, and lived for 90 years. 

Someone gets infected with COVID-19/ coronavirus and recovers, and another gets infected and doesn’t survive.

Some may lose the job due to the pandemic, while some may have one with a 20-30% deduction in salary.

Some may have trouble marriage and quit, yet there will be a few who fight hard to sustain the relationship.

Don't be sad. Don't be depressed. You are in you time zone
Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

Everything and everyone work based on ‘Time Zone.’ Everything happens as per the time in your life.

Your colleagues, friends, cousins, and younger ones might “leave you” behind and run ahead of you. You may even keep others “behind.” Some may “quit,” and some may not “exist” at all. Don’t discourage them or ridicule them; it’s their ‘Time Zone.’ You are in yours!

Eventually, you will get married and settle down. Succeed and climb the ladder of success. Find everything moving as you once decided.

The COVID-19 / coronavirus will vanish. You will start to live a healthy life. Go to the office. Socialize and have fun. Pay attention to activities you should not immediately do after the lockdown.

Hold on to your feelings, be healthy, and stay true to yourself. Don’t give up.

Give a pat on your back and say, “NO TO DEPRESSION.”

Motivate yourself, your family, friends, loved ones, and everyone around you.

All things work hand-in-hand for your good. You will never get anything before your time.

Good things come to those who wait. Believe in your self. You have the power to unleash the hidden treasures of life.

You’re not late nor early. You’re very much on time!

Never underestimate or degrade yourself.

Don’t let other criticisms overhaul your capabilities.

Stay blessed. You Are In Your Time Zone!

3 thoughts on “You are in your time zone. Just Relax!

  1. Hemanshu says:

    That’s very well explained.. Totally agree with you!

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